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Electronic Press Kit

The world does not need another song. There are plenty of them, for all occasions and moods. The selection is vast. A person could devote his entire life to listening to every song ever recorded by anyone who has ever lived, and they would still not have enough time to hear them all. One might even expect self-slaughter to occur well before even the midpoint of such an experiment.

Thus, it logically follows that the world is in no great need for songwriters. We have all the songs we need. Why make more? If you have 100 feet, there is no need for 1,000 pairs of boots. It just does not make any sense.

However, as long as Todd O’Keefe persists in bucking logic and making songs, one might take the time to listen to one. Like a well-made salted snack, or even a bite-sized sweet, you might find that having heard one, you’d very much like to hear another. In this way, Mr. O’Keefe is as much a singer/songwriter as he is a confectioner.
While we’re on the topic, he happens to be a sweet man to boot. Which of course brings us full circle: to candy and boots. As I’ve suggested already, we have enough of both. But a well-made boot or a particularly flavorful bonbon, once worn or dissolved, makes you forget about all of the other boots and bonbons. In that moment, there is only you, the boots, the bonbons, and the world dissolves away, much like the candy.

So, yes, we have enough songs and Mr. O’Keefe insists on writing more. But listen to one and you’ll be likely to tip your hat and suggest to yourself silently, “Yes, OK. Perhaps just one more would be fine.” You will spoil your dinner, but sometimes this is necessary. Things get spoiled. Need I remind you of that too?

-Gregg LaGambina